Not lazy, just energy efficient!


Efficient energy used or simply energy efficiency is a topic raised quite often these days as it is something believed to be not only recommended but now even mandatory to take it into account. Whether it would be changing the traditional light bulb to a LED one or switch to alternative fuel rather then conventional fuel it is a way of living that assures the future generations a better an even more healthier, greener life... and is also saves money.

What you will learn...


You will learn not only about sustainable and renewable energy, but we’ll get a little bit more into details on where is the biggest energy loss and how can we avoid that. You’ll also learn what is a ZeroHouse and is it really a ‘zero’? What is a solar panel and what is a wind generator? How do they work, what is their construction and how efficient are they?

Who is this course for...


This course is meant for everyone who wants to gain some knowledge in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy. It is open to all students, so we are waiting for you.


Background needed?


No, no technical background is required, so don’t worry if you are not the most experienced person in the world. We can assure you that after that one week your competence will be significantly higher.




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